07-08-2015, 12:48 AM
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My GzD shavestick came with no wrapper, other than a card board box. For a while I had it wrapped in parchment paper, but that got messy when I started to wear it down... so for almost a year now it has languished in a Tupperware, half forgotten. Finishing off a deodorant however changed all that:  

[Image: 2015-07-08%2B10.30.04.jpg]
One GzD shavestick, looking lonely.

[Image: 2015-07-08%2B10.30.31.jpg]
One empty twisty tube, freshly washed.

[Image: 2015-07-08%2B10.31.21.jpg]
Insert one into the other.

[Image: 2015-07-08%2B10.31.40.jpg]
Turn knob counterclockwise.

[Image: 2015-07-08%2B10.32.04.jpg]
And I'm done - all that is left is finding a permanent marker to make a note of what soap rests within.

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