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First generation twin blade handles have long disappeared. The best source is a good condition or mint version from eBay. There are alternatives. However, the modern versions of the Gillette Atra, branded as the Vector, Slalom, and Contour are very light and flimsy. The latest incarnations of the Schick Ultrex are a little better, the Exacta2/Extra2/Super II.  A Wilkinson Sword Contact Plus razor is still available in Japan and Australia as the Ultra/Ultrex Plus and only recently disappeared in Germany. These are attractive razors. Supermarkets and drugstore own brand twin razors are limited or also have been discontinued. The Dorco TGII Plus is probably going to be withdrawn shortly, but is a good alternative to a Vector. It is still a lightweight razor, but so were a few of the original twin blade cart systems such as the Profile v2:

[Image: HADDs52.jpg]

Modern versions of the Atra and Ultrex, with the 90's designed Contact/Ultra/Ultrex Plus...

[Image: QFQjIQc.jpg]

Boots/Personna, Lord and Superdrug Dorco TGII.

[Image: 8DuYO17.jpg]

The current twin blade cart systems from Dorco, Schick Exacta2,  Gillette Vector, and original Schick Ultrex and Gillette Atra, Wilkinson Sword Profile v1 and Profile v2. And finally the packaged Schick Ultra Plus

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It appears you can never have too many Dorco TG II's:

[Image: WCt1jYi.jpg]

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