07-13-2015, 04:01 AM
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I have recently completed 5 more brushes for the Etsy shop.

Left to right, front to back

Cocobolo 25mm Finest 
Bocote 25.6mm Premium ST
Bloodwood 25.8 Finest
Cherry 25.8 Premium ST
E. Indian Rosewood 23mm Finest Fan

Thanks for looking.

[Image: TF5BsFL.jpg]

Cocobolo 25mm finest x 48mm loft. Overall height 99mm

[Image: 2XS61Jl.jpg]

Bocote wood 25.6mm Premium Silvertip x 50mm loft. Overall height 101mm.

[Image: eVqMAz2.jpg]

Bloodwood 25.8mm Finest x 48.5 loft. Overall height 106mm

[Image: CeYs6yY.jpg]

Cherry wood 28.5mm Premium Silvertip x 28.5 loft. Overall height 108mm.

[Image: 0hiMriW.jpg]

East Indian Rosewood 23mm Finest Fan x 47.5 loft. Overall height 106mm.

[Image: coCATZG.jpg]

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