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There is this forum where people discuss and take graphic pictures of stuff that comes out of their poop which they claim everyone has-- parasites, and all kinds of gross stuff. It involves doing coffe enemas and taking herbs. Sounds like BS to me (just people trying to sell you snake oil herb pills) but here are some pictures if you want to be disturbed: 

Here is some debunking info: http://www.quackwatch.org/01QuackeryRela...ushes.html

I am more interested in the second site which has a lot of the alternative (phony) cures, some I have never heard before. Reiki and colloidal silver is on there. Here is a Libertarian guy whose skin turned blue from colloidal silver:

[Image: stanjones.jpg]

Apparently colloidal silver can cure cancer and AIDS. According to some Joe on the internet anyways.

In short-- beware of snake oil salesmen:
[Image: alex_jones.jpg]

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 07-14-2015, 10:37 PM
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Colloidal silver I know a bit about. I don't know that anyone knows what causes argyria (blue skin) silver has been implicated, but it's in conjunction with something else, not by silver alone. If silver caused it I would be extremely blue. I can't tell you how much colloidal silver I've consumed over the years but it's been a great deal.

Colloidal silver is the very first FDA approved anti-biotic and is effective against hundreds of "bugs" to which they have no defense and in fact can never develop a defense unless they figure out how to live without oxygen. It is incredibly effective and very easy to make. Of course it can also be purchased. Back in the day it was quite expensive to purchase because it was made by mechanical means in roller mills, but much less expensive today if one makes it by electrical methods. In fact it can be made for the price of water at home.

I won't give you things that it has "cured" (I'm no doctor) but it has worked seemingly miracles among friends who have used it. It won't work on everything though.

Just because it's not used today by doctors is meaningless. OK, it is. It's used in the burn wards. It's sprayed onto burn patients to keep infections at bay. But it's no longer prescribed by doctors, but that's largely because one can't prescribe what one isn't taught. Most of the places of higher learning have a monetary interest in prescribing anti-biotics that are manufactured and sold for lots of money. One can't know what isn't taught. There is no profit in telling folks that they can make their anti-biotic at home, so it's simply not taught.

Fram, it's not a phony cure. You simply haven't heard of it before this because it fell out of favor for more expensive Rxs. I wouldn't be without my colloidal silver generator. But it won't address all infections; it's not magic. But it will address hundreds of the infections we are susceptible to. It's also much faster acting than the typical anti-biotic, and it works against at least some viruses, like the common cold and flu.

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 07-15-2015, 08:47 AM
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We live in a 'dirty world' and the miracle of the human body NEEDS some of these 'bugs'. I am open to different medical traditions. In my degree field I have encountered some amazing healers and benefited from acupuncture for facial pain long before it became accepted. BUT, there are a
lot of Prof Harold Hills out there in the New Age  land of WOOWOO who would sell you marching bands and a belief system hostile to western medicine. These various 'purges' wipe out the beneficial gut flora too and you have to eat yogurt or non pasteurised sauerkraut.
Do you know WHY contemporary cowboys have that disgusting tin of chaw forming a faded ring in the pocket (Japanese clothing sellers sell these
used jeans AT A PREMIUM to hip young Japanese) ? Tobacco was once the standard wormer for horses. They would chew and collect their spit and then force it down  the poor horse. Some still do this, collecting the spit in a beer can. I saw a 16 y/o kid ride by our chuck wagon, grab an open beer and chug it- wrong beer. I just bought modern tube paste wormers after that.

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 07-16-2015, 10:11 AM
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I have also been making and using colloidal silver for many years, now.

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 07-16-2015, 05:03 PM
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The FDA does not consider colloidal silver as safe or even beneficial. They've warned companies with questionable, illegal practices. There is no medical studies to back it up. See the sources above. All there is is shady websites making fantastic claims that it cures cancer and AIDS among numerous ills such as this one: http://www.thesilveredge.com/cancer.shtml#.VahSwNCCTds their evidence is anecdotal and questionable testimonials from customers.

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I could say the same for many widely accepted and used medicines/treatments/therapies. We don't want to get started down this slope as it won't be good. Anyone with enough Google-Fu can find articles and even peer reviewed journals to support any host of thoughts and ideas. 

I suggest this thread be closed now before it goes downhill quickly.

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Colloidal silver, or silver for that matter has an anti bacterial effect. Reports have noticed that in the downstream waste into sewer processing plants, along with various anti depressants, birth control hormones, etc…. there has been an increase in silver. I can't remember, but, I recall reading an article about nano-bots and being alot of silver involved in making them.

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My people were hill people in the south. Many of them used silver religiously. a few even developed argyria. I can honestly say I had an Uncle Smurf. My branch of the family was never that hard corp about it. I do remember getting dosed as a child when something ailed me. I use it occasionally still when I have a cold or infection. I think it's bunk and just use it out of habit when feeling sick, like a past comfort med or chicken soup

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Hey, it's been real. Me thinks there is axe grinding going on here and for that reason I'm gone from the thread.

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I've used CS in the past,more specifically EIS (electrically Isolated silver).As an earlier poster pointed out early cs was ground/powdered silver  the modern version is electrically generated particles .It has wiped out a strep infection in me that meds did not even slow down  and nullified some cooking burns that were borderline blister stage. .As for argyria the cases listed such as the man pictured did not used distilled water,apparently he used well water with lots of nitrates from fertilizer use in the area.(SILVER NITRATE)These silver compounds build up in the skin whereas the EIS w/distilled water does  not.Others were using silver compounds in conjunction with CS and blamed CS for the argyria.There is an entire set of protocols for making it.And using it.

As for"there are no medical studies"  Brigham Young University did a series which showed benefit  from usage.Silver ointments are routinely used on burns.

The old saying born with a silver spoon in his mouth.......in the past people noticed children fed with silver utensils were less prone to sickness than kids fed with wood ,bone or other metals.So the   wealthy always had silver  spoons for baby.Which led to the saying as a metaphor for born rich.Although there is a bit of  evidence  for copper having some benefits as cookware.

As for herbal treatments.....never done the cleanses but i have used herbs to good effect in teas and tictures etc.As many meds are based on herbs I see no reason why the correct herbs would not have some good effect.

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 08-04-2015, 08:15 PM
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TAMIFLU is a scam! Research it. In studies, it MIGHT have reduced the symptoms by a day. MAYBE! Beware of SCIENCE!

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Or maybe it works after all.

BTW... Beware of science?

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