07-15-2015, 06:31 AM
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I was in Spain for a training class a couple of weeks back, and had to pick up some shave gear as a "souvenir" of sorts. One of the things I picked up was a 6.25€ Wilkinson Sword Badger brush, which I assume from the price is a made from leftover badger pelts somewhere in China... but I was quite pleased with the brush when I took it for it's first real spin today (I've been hand lathering for a week to break it in a bit). It's shedding a bit - more than I would accept from a "real brush" - but the amount of shedding seems to have slowed down and might stop after a few more uses.

[Image: 2015-06-17%2B20.38.33.jpg]
New in box (alongside the other thing I just had to buy)

[Image: 2015-07-15%2B11.42.23.jpg]
Starting to bloom a bit.

I'm curious though; have anybody else here given these cheap badgers a spin, and if so what's y'all's opinion on them?

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