07-16-2015, 02:48 PM
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I am selling soaps, brush and fragrances . I will offer $5-$10 discount if you buy two or more items together . Trying to minimize shipping cost.

No trades please , US only

1- Edwin jagger XL, 25mm knot, $45 shipped , comes with the case
[Image: 42fc39e0cf04c07fd0ef2ed94ea80e96.jpg]

2- Sop lot : $38 shipped
All soap used two times or less. Simpson cream is new .---> sold

1x mystic water lilac
1x mystic water prospect creek
1x mystic water Jasmine
1x Mikes water vetiver
1x simpson vetyver lavender cream
[Image: 6644b14aa8923c2424d0ceba75cb7599.jpg]

3- Razorock Santa Maria del fiore soap used once , $28, now $27 shipped---> sold

[Image: e44cb6453c76accd7149b05fd73d27a0.jpg]

4- Acqua Di gio essenza EDP 2.5 oz, used few times $45 , now $43 shipped

[Image: 092c3923d752f1e1f1b73e33c526efce.jpg]
[Image: 56ad86c2744e7ab5a5493d25ca8f133b.jpg]

5- Dior Homme 1.7oz EDT, used few times , $40 , now $38 shipped

[Image: fffb15fe367e5fdc8305a31fc4bc3f5a.jpg]

6- dolce gabanna one 1.7oz edt, used few times , $20 shipped---> sold

[Image: b21d2bbb9c643938c8944d01c870b630.jpg]

Thanks for looking

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 07-24-2015, 09:58 AM
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Please archive . Thanks TSN and buyers

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