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[Image: b72fe9835b5b888d5a9142eedcafa5cc.jpg]

First brush to trade is a M&F with a 26.5/50mm labeled blonde badger knot. It is a 3 band heritage tho. Great knot just in the smaller side for me.

[Image: 65407fbbc2194c7794fafbaa7193ca9c.jpg]

[Image: fe3a57fc4e82e74748f7a30ccfca4e21.jpg]

Next is a Wolf Whiskers in the bishop style handle with a Shavemac 2 band silvertip at 27/52.5 by my calipers. The handle is stunning and the knot is superb.

[Image: 04ce17bad88af891711b12c5de69c999.jpg]

[Image: a3b9f9fb9f5b99d4a0c87a7fa675cd4e.jpg]

Pm me what u may have and we can iron out the details. Money from my end will b via PayPal.

Thank u all for looking!

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