07-24-2015, 05:44 PM
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This is definitely not going to be a new hobby of mine, but it was something I had to do at least one.

It's a Shuredge that was in not so great shape.  I cleaned it up, still some obvious pits, but no rust and the edge is in good shape -- once I get it honed.

The scales I hand formed and made from 2x6 wood blanks.  Couple of challenges getting the pins right.. But all in all, I think it turned out OK.

I'd like to hear some other opinions though, since I have little to base mine on.

[Image: p0g6CTO.jpg]

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 07-24-2015, 05:58 PM
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I think you did a great job! That is a beautiful razor! Enjoy that with pride!

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 07-24-2015, 06:59 PM
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(07-24-2015, 05:58 PM)FreddieP318ti Wrote: I think you did a great job! That is a beautiful razor! Enjoy that with pride!

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 07-24-2015, 07:19 PM
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I think it looks great!! Plus u urself did it! Keep it forever and take pride knowing ur hands made it!!

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 07-25-2015, 01:37 AM
  • BobH
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Looks like an excellent job to me, congrats and enjoy. If you ever have to unpin it you could try to do the hammered tang with some cold gun bluing.


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 07-25-2015, 10:24 AM
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I think you did an excellent job, it looks great. Hope it serves you well they are excellent shavers.

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 07-26-2015, 05:55 PM
  • Andy77
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Looks great!!  Nice flair with those stacked washers on the toe.

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 07-27-2015, 10:21 AM
  • geezer
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Do it yourself is a great way to understand the razor you have. Your design and finishing of that razor looks very nice.

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 07-29-2015, 08:31 AM
  • SRNewb
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That is a beautiful job!

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 07-29-2015, 09:19 AM
  • Thug
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Very nice job. You can be proud of your effort.

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 07-29-2015, 11:09 AM
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nice work. Excellent choice of wood.

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 08-06-2015, 10:58 AM
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Nice job!!
I like the wood you chose for the scales and you've got a good shape on them. What type of wood is it?

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