08-11-2015, 03:34 PM
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Looking to sell my Lighty used Boker 5/8 Tree Brand razor. Used maybe 5 times or less. Retails for $145
Also have an American Mountain 3" strop with black latigo leather. Has some green chromium oxide paste on the inside of the cloth strop, which i will include. I will also include a bottle of FROM strop dressing.[Image: 6153E40E-4DC8-49A2-BDFB-B9306268DACE_zpsgl2on52z.jpg]

Take the whole setup for $125 shipped anywhere in the CONUS.

[Image: F72333CA-CF70-452B-BDA3-5CB2A33CEDAB_zps11moondn.jpg]
[Image: B1C63FA6-762B-481F-869B-52EFFBAC7362_zpsi2eznm4r.jpg]
[Image: C9346B00-1A6A-4141-AF1B-3182AF86174A_zpsdljympq8.jpg]
[Image: 9BBA261E-9C35-4000-99ED-7867F2376E45_zpsmvqo83o1.jpg]
[Image: 3B49933A-95B4-4D29-9DF5-FC15C621F9FD_zpsbc8km5ko.jpg]
[Image: DDBE6924-D475-429D-A933-C4AA60EF9847_zpslltkohf7.jpg]
[Image: 2D14C185-81F6-4D55-9BD9-DE60F4C8297D_zps1kz4eepx.jpg]
[Image: 59E2D465-C6FA-4902-B7AD-E5C1622289EF_zpskqkslot9.jpg]

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