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Why can’t people play nice…?

The team that donates their time to keep TSN running aren’t in the habit of randomly banning members. At TSN, the rules are clearly defined and breaches have consequences. We also have different memberships classes depending on whether you are part of the general membership, an artisan or a vendor.

Forums like ours are primarily established with the motive to share information. They quickly become the perfect stage to introduce, promote and sell products. Artisans and Vendors are asked to pay for the privilege of promoting their products. The fees are used to keep the site running. As the site grows so do the associated operating fees.

If a vendor does not wish to support the site then they are not permitted to use the site to conduct business. Some vendors believe this is unfair or that other sites are more worthy of collecting fees. We understand everyone is entitled to their opinion and adjust their account privileges accordingly. Understandably this can be distressing for the vendor as it most likely impacts on their business, but easily remedied at their request.

Fan groups and shilling are another vehicle for promoting sales. The risk in this practice is that the site loses its primary purpose and transparency. It becomes an infomercial as opposed to honest sharing of information. 

There are many platforms for traditional wet shavers to come together: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Web based forums are the most common. Every group is driven by individuals with motives. Not every group is driven by individuals with integrity.

We do not permit members to speak ill of others, including vendors and related sites. We believe traditional wet shaving to be a gentlemanly pursuit and hence insist on gentlemanly behaviour at all times. Attacking a business, product or person is not an acceptable practice here. If a member engages in such practice there are consequences. This rule is double edged in the expectation that “attacks” against our own site, members, artisans or vendors, aren’t tolerated in other social media sites either. 

It’s not gentlemanly or commonly accepted practice to air one’s dirty laundry in public. Furthermore it’s unfair to challenge the integrity of an individual, group or business on a public platform without the opportunity for equal and fair response to any accusations. It’s also hypocritical to complain when you don’t wish to play by clear and transparent rules.

The TSN team chooses not to comment publicly on individuals or business and the reasons behind their disqualification from the site. In our conception of a perfect world, its simply not a nice thing to do. We do have a complaints page where we encourage members to discuss bonafide problems with products or services in the hope that resolutions can be achieved or warnings shared. However, “bad mouthing” is not tolerated. 

All decisions in relation to bans are challenging, but all are made in the best interests of protecting the general membership and not at the direction of bullies. Bottom line, you only get banned for breaching the rules.

We are all grown ups here, we wouldn’t be shaving if we weren’t. However, some behaviour is nothing short of childish and forces the comments shared here.

It begs the question, why can’t we all just play nice?

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