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Bear with me, this is my first for sale post here so if I've forgotten anything please let me know! The vintage brushes are all ones that I've restored. They have been wet sanded if necessary and then polished and letters repainted. Knots have all been lathered several times to de-stink and get the break in process started. The turned handles are just my dad and I having some fun on the lathe. He's found that he really enjoys turning something other than the pens, bowls, etc that he normally works on so we've been playing with these. All prices are shipped Conus and are negotiable within reason, feel free to make offers! As soon as we get some sold we can reinvest in more materials :-) Thanks for looking! 

From L -> R

  • Ever-Ready 300 Black/Clear Lucite: 24mm TGN Silvertip Grade A Fan, 88g (tips beginning to clump when wet, developing some hooks) $45 SPF
  • Hand Turned Bocote Vase Style: CA finish. Has one or two spots in the accent stripes, but they were difficult to photograph. Finish is completely smooth though! This thing is a lather monster. Specs - 28mm Plisson Style Knot / 49g (Handle) / 77g (total) / 69mm handle height / 126mm total height / 38.4mm at the shoulder / 33.85mm at the base. $45 Sold!
  • Hand Turned Cocobolo Long Handle: CA finish on this one, it was our first try so there are one or two little discolored spots right at the neck. This would be awesome for bowl lathering! Specs - 22mm Plisson Style Knot / 49g (Handle) / 65g (total) / 76.35mm handle height / 131mm total height / 32.86mm at the shoulder / 31.23mm at the base. $45 $40
  • Ever-Ready 200 Black/Red: 24mm TGN Finest Fan, 110g $45 Sold!
  • Vintage butterscotch Rooney handle - Ready for your 24mm knot! I would also be happy to finish the brush out for you in the knot of your choice! This one would look GREAT in a 24mm finest or silvertip fan! 48.62mm tall, 42mm wide, 65g $35 $30
  • Vintage butterscotch swirl Baton small brush - 18mm TGN Finest bulb. Very cool little brush with a freaking gorgeous handle. 43.89mm handle height, 91mm total height, 30.8mm base width, 41g $30 SPF
[Image: m7jHZy1.jpg]

Updated with more photos of remaining brushes:

[Image: 096w3hx.jpg][Image: iKKXjy9.jpg][Image: 677u1M1.jpg]

[Image: fT6hk8N.jpg][Image: G3nvR1K.jpg][Image: EGojTzB.jpg][Image: c6Tav7F.jpg]

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