08-14-2015, 07:30 PM
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I have razorock stallion soap (XL edition 150gram) and 2 bottles of aftershave for trade.

Stallion soap XL- lathered 4x ($12)
Staliion AS - new/unopened ($15)
Stallion AS - 80% ($15 * 0.8 = $12)

I love the scent and quality of the lather, but wife doesn't like it, so they have to go. Can't believe she doesn't like the smell.

Trades I am looking for
1) razorock freedberg soap or AS
2) razorock xxx AS (I have the soap en route)
3) razorock son of zeus AS (I have the  soap en route)
4) razorock mudder focker soap / AS 
5) razorock xx AS / SOAP
5) Stirling executive man AS / Soap
6) Fine L'orange Noir AS
7) Fine platinum AS
8) Fine italian citrus (long shot I know, but if you hate it?)

or if you want to buy the lot, I will do $33 shipped.

[Image: l8a7tUt.jpg]

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