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The thread about BBQ sauce got me to thinkin' about sauces, as it was intended to. While I can't share my sauce recipe, I can share this one. I find it to be quite good when I want something different. I find it best on ribs and used at the table. "Brians notes" are mine, the rest of the text is the authors. When I make it I always scale it up and make a mess of it, then put it into canning jars and can it. Don't be afraid to make it yours be adding what you want. It's not a sweet sauce, it IS smoky. Some of my notes are there to speed production by reducing the amount of simmering time. Enjoy it folks!

Mr. Beal's 'J.K's Wild Boar Soul
BBQ' Sauce mike.flaherty
Yes, we have (all sorts of) real BBQ in Seattle. An eclectic mix of folks from lots of different places. In the 80's there was a tiny place up on Cherry St, called J.K's Wild Boar Soul BBQ. You had to watch out for the needles on the sidewalk, dark little room with years of smoke on it, you'd order a pile of meat, and get a side of incredible beans, and 2 slices of white bread wrapped in foil. And change for the pop machine if you needed it. The proprietors name was Beal, I believe. As I recall, a retired navy cook and utter BBQ maestro. His sauce was spectacular, and he'd also use that sauce as a base for his beans.
When Beal quit in the mid 80's, I thought my life was over. There was no other BBQ that even came close here. And it was the sauce that shone.
So the other night, I'm at a guy's house, downing margaritas and sampling various hot sauces, and he says "Try this!" I immediately knew what it was..... Beals sauce! Amazing. This guy had eaten at the wild boar every week for years. He and his wife would bring in their attempts to duplicate the sauce, and after months of trying, Mr. Beal took pity on them and finally gave them his recipe. This is a "½" recipe, and makes 2 quarts.

1/6 cup salt
2 cups sugar
1/2 cup heaping packed brown sugar

2 cups (16oz) tomato paste (**Brians Note**Sub 1 cup Tomato Powder)

1 cup Worcestershire
1/2 cup white vinegar
1 cup yellow mustard
1 cup beef bouillon strong

6 cups water (**Brians Note**Next time reduce this to 4 cups for less reduction)

1/2 cup Wrights liquid smoke. Yes, that's right.
Kitchen Bouquet to darken (Optional, don't worry if you don't have this)
Chili Powder (the real thing), cayenne, Daves, whatever to add heat. Hatch ground chile is my favorite. I might try adding baby schezuan peppers or chili pequins next time. I also like to make a not too hot sauce, and serve with lots of sliced fresh jalapeno.
**Brians Note** 1st batch I added 1/4 cup Sriracha and 1/4 cup Hot Hung Paprika.

Mix in a big pot salt, sugar, brown sugar, beef bouillon and water.
When sugar dissolves, add yellow mustard, white vinegar, liquid smoke,
Worcestershire, tomato paste, kitchen bouquet and chili powder.
Simmer bubbling slowly for 2 hours.... will reduce by 1/3 and darken.

How Much Chile Powder To Add?
It's impossible to tell- some chile powder is as hot as hell, some's not, and some folks like
really HOT sauce, some can't handle it. But I think you can find out quickly..... if it's HOT, just add so much (1/4 cup?) at a time, and then taste. That's about the only way I know of not to get into trouble with Scoville!
Personally. I like stuff pretty dang HOT. But since not many of my friends do (weenies!), I make it pretty "weak", and then add the hot either by spice or by fresh chopped japalano or serrano, to my own servings. I've been using this stuff called Chipotle Morita lately (Kinda like rough chopped chipotle peppers). Or (my soapbox) seek out HATCH chile powder from HATCH N.M. Delicious deep red rich stuff.
OR...since it makes so much, I split it up and leave some of it "MILD" and make some of it "ROCKIN'".

How Much Kitchen Bouquet To Add?
Well, I haven't the vaguest, but the recipe says "Add to darken" so a few small pourings (3 TBS) seems to darken the sauce somewhat, so there I go!

How Long To Cook?
I watched a friend make this one weekend, and he got confused. He didn't cook it enough. You need to simmer, so it's bubbling at, gosh how shall I say it... a low to medium rate, for 2 hours. Stove set at 2/3 the distance between low and medium. It will lose about 1/3 of its volume, and get darker and thicker. When it's done, it's not thin like it started out, and it's not paste. Stir occasionally, but I've never had it stick. If it's getting sauce on your stove as it cooks, you
probably have it on too high!
Vaya Con BBQ!

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I have been making this stuff for years. By far my favorite BBQ sauce.

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I want to cook it Smile

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