08-20-2015, 07:24 PM
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I have some great shave ready straight razors including 
NOS Kama
Torrey in faux tortoise scales
pristine Heljestrand MK31
Bengall in yellow bone/horn scales
Sta Sharp
Shavemac 167 silvertip 26mm knot badge shaving brush
L'Occitan Cedre & Oranger EDT
Peterson Rosslare Pipe
AOS Lavender cream and more at ShaveReady.Net
Feel free to ask any questions.  Thanks.  Below are some photos.

[Image: k7b0Q7N.jpg]

[Image: h8k4Pdm.jpg]

[Image: a1ry6RP.jpg]

[Image: rdvxcQ9.jpg]

[Image: bU6Bfq2.jpg]

[Image: DH0cNyi.jpg]

[Image: HDvrY9q.jpg]

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