08-21-2015, 03:33 PM
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Hey Guys,

The wife has asked me to thin the den and as much as it guts me to sell this I find that I don't use it very often. It's a great scuttle, but I find that I prefer to face lather and this little guy gets very little use.

These Japanese barber's scuttles are very hard to find and as far as I know these are very rare outside of Japan. This particular scuttle is in very good shape, no scratches, chips, etc.

I'm just looking to recover what I spent which is $65 USD which includes shipping within Canada and the US. Tracking is $5 USD extra (ie $70 USD).

[Image: hwYNmB2l.jpg][Image: 2YElT2Al.jpg]
[Image: G0tvkbPl.jpg][Image: AsJYxWyl.jpg][Image: jyig2i4l.jpg]

Sold, please archive

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