06-25-2012, 01:28 PM
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[Image: P1240480.JPG?m=1340038782]

I have received this cute,little,shaving brush today and it is what I was expecting,a shaving brush really close to the Omega 631 silvertip,the first quality shaving brush I bought when I was 18 years old.

[Image: P1240481.JPG?m=1340038221]

This brush is the small one and has a knot of 19 mm and its loft its around 48 mm.I do have a silvertip fibre brush,which has the same specs and I do truly like it for facelathering with it.

[Image: P1240482.JPG?m=1340038224]

The handle has a classic style,and while its not as heavy as a Simpson handle,its close enough.

I like that it shines,so its kind of a glossy black,instead of a matte black.As I said,pretty stylish and classy.

[Image: P1240483-1499614320.JPG?m=1340038267]

Its hair density is there,not too overly dense,but either "bold".This silvertip hair has white tips and also a very good flow,something I was looking for too.The backbone is there,since its loft is kind of low,but I was looking more the "flow' than the firm backbone this time,and it seems I got it right.

[Image: P1240485.JPG?m=1340038267]

This brush seems to shine with facelathering,and I did used it today with a triple milled shaving soap (Geo F Trumper Violet tallow version) with no problems at all when I had to loaded it with the soap.In the face feels soft,and its good flow makes face lathering with it a good experience overall.

I will compare it with the Silvertip Fibres S and make a post about it.Its gonna be interesting.

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 06-26-2012, 06:44 AM
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Well done Teiste! I can't wait to read more about this brush and comparisons because I'm interested in buying Muhle silvertip soon. I just don't know which size of knot to choose - 19 or 21mm. I saw a review at Foro Afeitado but I don't know spanish Sad I wish it was a version in english somewhere. Anyway, thanks for your fantastic work and keep going!


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