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Today I am offering both of my Shavemac Americana brushes for sale at one low price.  Also included will be a brand new 6 oz. (previous larger version) tin of CRSW Savon #1 and an ~200mL decant of Agua Lavanda Puig.  The newer Americana features a perfect 2-band Silvertip knot measuring 26mm in diameter with a 47mm loft.  It is wonderfully scrubby, yet super soft at the same time.  The older Americana has a D01 Silvertip knot which is a light shedder (loses a couple hairs each use) and there is a small crack in the top wood ring.  This knot also measures 26mm x 47mm and is incredibly dense with no scritch for a very nice experience.  I am the original owner of the 2-band and the 2nd owner of the D01.  I have used the 2-band about a half dozen times since purchased earlier this year and it is in perfect condition with no defects.  I purchased the D01 at the end of last year and it has shed a bit, but there is so much hair it would take years of daily use until it would be unusable.  The crack, while aesthetically bothersome, has no effect on the performance of the brush.  Brand new this set would set you back about $330.  Take everything for $225 with insured delivery to the US.

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