08-25-2015, 12:10 PM
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Ok this thread is a chance for you guys to give me a good ribbing, ( I don't take myself that serious) as well as hopefully get some solid points to consider.

Ok so to start I'm not a fan of body hair and being an avid gym rat I keep my arms and chest shaved. I know I know let the games begin ;-)

So after my morning FACE shave I realized the normal cart I use to finish up the manscaping was gone... What to do what to do. Idea
I had some extra time today so I thought what the heck I'll use a DE.. It was an Ikon solid bar, Polsilver blade, Jürgen Hempel handle and Simpsons Rosemary Peppermint cream..
So as we all know shaving is a time for quiet solitude and thought..
I began with my arms and this is where I noticed some ACTUAL benefit to what I was doing. We all began wet shaving at some point and unless your Captain America probably went through some razor burn, chunks of flesh missing and a various asundry of problems.. all while facing the world after your misfortune.. So as I began on my forearms I quickly noticed angle is just as important, especially on the inner side by your wrist.. You know where all those important veins are and the skin is soft, ya I'll show you the pics as I bled like a stuck pig for a few minutes.. I very hastily stopped daydreaming and started paying attention. I thought for a learning tool the arm is actually great.. Inner bicep is soft like under the chin so you get a feel for the "no pressure" rule and as you go around the outer elbow, just like the chin so controlling the angle stood out to me as another good place to learn. I recently ordered my first straight razor and just like DE shaving I noticed shaving your arms forces you to use your off hand. So this could be another benefit as it teaches you to use each hand and get proficient at blade control, same angle, pressure and so on..

I just thought it might be helpful to try if your having issues and this way you don't have the uncomfortable pain and people you work with won't think you rubbed your face in poison ivy, plus it was actually fun, you still have the scent of the soap, auditory feedback was the same..

Hope you guys had a good read and feel free to poke fun as humor was intended with this as well as some food for thought.

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 08-25-2015, 01:03 PM
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Im not going to lie I have done this Tappan. I have a few tattoos and when I would get shaved before a tattoo it was always with a spray and a buffing motion. Never hurt but I noticed my pores would clog. Ingrowns and bumps would soon follow. So I thought I'd start shaving myself before tattoos. And it worked. No problems but like u I had to b very careful and using my left hand was a learning curve to say the least. I'm not the most ambidextrous person... But I did manage to survive. I always used a tech when I did mine.

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 08-26-2015, 01:47 PM
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I always wanted to ask other wetshavers about this but never wanted to start the conversation. My wife dislikes body hair and I have a few tattoos as well (basically sleeved without the fill ins). From getting shaved from tattoos I started growing black hairs on random places,like bicep area for example .

I thought I was going to haft to keep a fusion in the house always ..Got my right forearm finished back in December and decided to shave the left myself to not look silly worked great and I got a little braver...We are grown here but if you take shots at me take shots I do as the lady wants! Anyhow after my arms I got comfortable and moved to different places..De has worked just fine you just need to be careful. I'll use any razor I shave my face with to shave anywhere else now..

Here we go....

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 08-26-2015, 02:05 PM
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FWIW I've spent my entire adult life basically in a gym,I worked very hard to get where I am right now even if a few injuries have kept me out of the gym for a while. I've shaved my body since I started seeing gains and definition of my muscles.

Matter of fact 95% of guys I know that work out shave their bodies and most guys I've talked to while they might not shave their entire body they do shave other things besides their face.

Never had anybody say anything about me Shaving personally but I have heard some older guys picking fun at others about it.

Personal preference really for me I feel cleaner(as does my wife) without body hair,sure it takes some getting used to but I couldn't imagine having any.

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