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Good afternoon, today I have a wonderful fountain pen up for trade or sell. A little while back I went on a hunt for a Lamy 2000 but didnt know if I wanted a Fine or Extra-Fine. I got offers to buy one of each very close to each other so I bought both. Well I have decided I dont need to keep both and actually I'm in the process of thinning down my herd of pens, as I would rather have another brush instead of more pens.

So I have a wonderful buttery smooth fine nib'ed Lamy 2000 up for trade or sell. I am willing to sell it for what I have into it $105 + shipping or trade for a nice badger brush (Shavemac, Rooney, Simpson, etc). I also have an iKon DLC Standard w/ Bamboo Handle from this thread I would combine both for a brush as well. If needed also willing to add cash to the trade for a brush.

[Image: GhntE5k.jpg]

[Image: 6UZzpRu.jpg]

[Image: GW0Hi4f.jpg]

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