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Hi folks. My den space is ever shrinking due to the excellent products everyone is recommending!  As such it's time to thin out the collection.

The Fine Print:

Paypal payments only.

Shipped only to verified Paypal address.
Seller reserves right to request address verification.
Each items ship for $6 with tracking, unless otherwise specified. Willing to work out a deal for multiple items.
Shipping to lower 48 states only. 
Onto the good stuff!

Small Brush Combo - $30 + Shipping

Dreadnought Vanguard Synthetic Shaving Brush
Edwin Jagger Imitation Ebony Best Badger Shaving Brush with Drip Stand, Small

Note - I realized the box pictured is for a DE89 and does not fit the brush/stand.  I couldn't find the box. Sorry.

[Image: 9kKYs50.jpg]

[Image: aqjM26L.jpg]
[Image: EpQc5LW.jpg]


EJ Brush + Razor - $55 + Shipping

Edwin Jagger DE98Lbl - NEW in box (not pictured)
Edwin Jagger 3EJ362  Super Badger Imitation Light Horn, Large

[Image: XRDyMHE.jpg]

[Image: rHOutFr.jpg]

[Image: UxhPA44.jpg]


Vulfix No.41 Super Badger Brush - $60 + Shipping

You know Vulfix is the parent company of Simpsons. This brush from the parent company is every bit as good as it's better known subsidiary. 
  • Total height: 4.37 in (111 mm)
  • Loft: 2.2 in (57 mm)
  • Knot: 1 in (27 mm)

A bit floppy for me, but the super soft tips are GREAT for a bowl lathering cream user.

[Image: q5DgFLy.jpg]

[Image: u7h7WXQ.jpg]

[Image: hW7e358.jpg]


SOLD! Shaving Cream Set - $20 + Free Shipping!

The Body Shop For Men Maca Root Shave Cream + After Shave Balm - Both Conservatively 90%+

Razorock Tobacco #1 ~ 80%

Razorock Tobacco #2 ~ 80%

SOLD! Crown King The Switchback 400 - $45 + Shipping

SOLD! I Coloniali Shaving Cream - $20 + Shipping - Lathered twice, SUPER conservatively at 95%+
A hard puck shave soap in a nice terracotta dish. Soap gets very smooth upon soaking.


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First post updated to bundle items together for a more aggressive price point!

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