08-27-2015, 01:46 PM
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So I'm looking to add my 2nd "nice" brush to my collection, I have heard a TON of good things about Shavemac so I think that's the way I want to go (I would also like a Paladin but it doesnt have to be a TSN LE). I would like something in the 26-28mm size knot with 50-52mm loft. I really like the 167 handle but I'm open to most. I was looking at the 2 band Silvertip or maybe one of the D01's. My current nice brush is a Simpson Chubby 2 super which I enjoy alot I want something similar yet different, I like the density and backbone. I'm definitely more interested in a fan than a blub.

I just got done selling a few things so I'm not in the market to get a brush.... so if you have one that is sitting around not getting any use please let me know what you have and what you want for it and see about working something out. Till then I will continue to troll the BST forum for a good deal.

No longer searching for a brush right now.

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