08-28-2015, 07:12 AM
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Traded, thanks everyone for the offers!

I had to get rid of my MdC because something in it was causing me to get a rash.  Turns out this stuff has the same ingredient.  I got this from a member here and it was about 75% full.  I've used it until I found out that it also causes the rash.  It's to bad because I really like this splash!  It pairs wonderfully with the original MdC too!  I think it might be the rosemary in both of them that is the issue???

Either way, I figure this has a value of somewhere around $10-13, so I would like to trade it from something I haven't tried before.  The list of maybes is below:
Speick stick or splash
One of the Haslinger soaps
Proraso red or white soap in the tub
If you've got something else you don't like and are looking to get rid of, send me a PM and let me know.  Try to keep it in that $10-13 range so we can just do the even swap.

Thanks for looking

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