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They’re just not getting used. CONUS (for the benefit of each shipper)
  • Kingsley Pure Badger (made in UK) – Knot 20mm/Loft 48mm/Handle 51 mm. Gently used. Nice little brush that is soft, with a little bit of spring.
  • VDH Boar – Knot 20mm/Loft 53mm/Handle 54mm. New, unused. A few tiny knicks in the handle, there when I purchased it.
I would like to trade the pair of brushes for any two new/very lightly used pucks of the following MW or Stirling soaps…

Mystic Water
·      Adirondack Jack
·      Bay Rum
·      Coconut Lime Verbena
·      Marrakesh

·      Coconut Lime
·      Gin and Tonic
·      Port-Au-Prince
·      Sandalwood
·      Unscented with Beeswax
…or the pair for one new/very lightly used puck of the following CRSW Select soaps (4-6 oz)…

Cold River Soap Works

·      Fall
·      Fougere Moderne
·      Jardin D’Orange
·      Sandalwood

Thanks for surveying your dens!

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