08-29-2015, 05:17 PM
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some things i'm just not using...

[Image: 75HUh2n.jpg]
MW Lime
HTGAM Choc/bourbon, lathered 1x
AOS medium Lime kit, new
AOS lavender cream, new
CB Mile High Menthol 90-95%
CB LPV 60-65%
AOS sandalwood tallow, new
QCS Key Lime 99%  TRADED
Meissner Tremonia menthol in a wooden bowl, lathered 3x
Razorock silvertip brush, lathered once  TRADED

Trade desires
Wholly Kaw
Mama Bear
other nice soaps
CC Cat o nine tails
I'm pretty open to other things as well...

To save on shipping, I'd prefer trades that involve two or three items.

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