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a family and myself have both been through this before. this is what the derm. directly recc to us (we did see a couple different ones and got the same basic answer from both) and it has helped A LOT. try getting t-gel (generic wal mart is fine) and nizoral. use about half and half of each. leave on for at least 7-10 minutes then rinse well. wash with that every day for at least 1-2 weeks. and also after rinse with a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water. do not rinse that off to much just enough to remove the strong odor. DO NOT use any conditioner for now. also do not skip days of washing. the build up of oil helps your skin create fungus or yeast on the surface which makes it worse. some people believe by not washing as much will help, it doesnt. you actually want to keep the skin as oil free as possible. make sure to wash everyday. after 1-2 weeks you can start to skip days with the tgel/nizoral mix and eventually get to about just 1-2 days a week. also do not use things like hair spray, gel, mousse, pomade, wax etc during this it will make things worse.

the thing is the dandruff may be caused by many things. many men also have very bad beard dandruff as well and its most commonly caused by yeast on the surface of the skin. this does require a "zole" cream like ketaconazole or similar and or something like fluconazole (pills). the mix i mentioned above does help but i know when i get a REALLY bad bout of it i go straight to the fluconazole and within about 3 days it starts to go away. to know for sure a derm would do a scrape and have it tested.  for me the tgel/nizoral 98% of the time keeps it under control.

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