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So I have decided I do not need my 2nd Mongoose and I have another project I'm working on that is in need of funds. The Mongoose is a brushed finish from Batch 2. Included with it are a pair of handles Dub Slim & Dub Legend & a pack of Kai Milds and Kai Mild ProTouch (guarded) both packs of blades are missing 1 or 2 blades. I still have all the paperwork and boxes. I forgot to take a picture of the Dub Legend but its new and unused sealed in its package. The pictures were taken before the razor went into the cleaning solution, so you will receive it in better condition than the photos. 

For the whole lot I'm looking for $200 shipped CONUS. I'm willing to entertain offers for breaking up the lot. SO if you want just one or more of the pieces message me and we might be able to work something out. I'm also willing to entertain an offer for part trade part cash. I need at least $60 via PayPal for another project I'm working on but after that I'm open to a trade. I'm most interested in brushes, Simpson, Shavemac, Thater, M&F, etc. I face lather 100% of the time and like a brush with some backbone and a 26mm+ knot.

Here are some photos

[Image: rJuqnpe.jpg]

[Image: uoUTgRQ.jpg]

[Image: 0gCXW1r.jpg]

[Image: iQvNHlW.jpg]

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