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Gentlemen today what I've got for you guys is a 9/8 custom Scottish Razor Co. Razor. It is made of 1095 steel. I sent the owner a drawing of this photo and this is what he created for me. Unfortunately it isn't shave ready and has some hone wear. This will be reflected in the price. I have shaved with it a few times before I accidentally rolled the edge and proceeded to re hone it. I never got around to finishing it. It is a heavy girl and spots some beautiful custom made Lava Flow Kirinite scales. 

The price on this is $175 USD Shipped Canada. US buyers will have to front the shipping cost.

The other thing i am selling is a lot of razor hones. I will not be breaking these up, they came in as a set and are going out as a set. A 400g/1k Whetstone Cutlery water stone with a piece sawed off the stone to use as a slurry stone. A 3/8k Taidea waterstone. Lastly but most beautifully a 7x2 Selected coticule with a thick coticule layer on it. I have a beautiful la dressante bout so this stone has been sitting in my drawer unused which i think is a shame because it's a stellar stone. There are a few chips on the corner of one of the long edges of the hone but that edge is chamfered and it doesn't effect the honing at all. 

The price on this set is  $175 USD excluding shipping, 3 stones = quite a heavy box. 

The photos were taking way long to post but i have HD photos of all items! If interested i could email them until i find a way to make the images smaller!

[Image: IeQsvrb.jpg]

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