09-16-2015, 05:05 PM
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Boker with mother of pearl tang $106 shipped CONUS
Boker Red Injun 101 $106 shipped CONUS
Boker Demascus steel etched with re shaped scales $106 shipped CONUS
All three are shave ready. Some spots on some of the blades but overall good condition. I left the oil on the blades so they are ready to ship out. Restored and honed by a fellow TSN member.

Also have a duck and a henckles that need some work. Duck has uneven hone wear and henckles has slight frowning.
$30 shipped each.[Image: pK92Kay.jpg][Image: RzkGyEI.jpg][Image: VdAmIPL.jpg][Image: ErGVqHJ.jpg][Image: zVnKdDb.jpg][Image: 8lpoW6r.jpg][Image: 8UIaION.jpg][Image: xNvh5Kq.jpg]

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