09-16-2015, 06:24 PM
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Has anyone ever made some homemade preshave oil? Me and my girlfriend just tried and almost died from the strong scents we were getting. We were barely putting a drop of clove and tea tree in the oils but even the littlest was too much. Does anyone have any good recipes for a homemade shaving oil?

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 09-17-2015, 05:09 PM
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I've tried a few products, including some homemade recipes.

I can recommend the following as an effective and cheap, yet safe formulation: use plain grapeseed oil.

Add lavender essential oil for fragrance if you want. Say 4 drops EO for every 3 ounces of grape seed oil. Lavender oil is quite safe, so won't harm even if you add a bit more.

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 09-17-2015, 05:12 PM
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I have read people using olive oil Huh

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