09-17-2015, 05:58 AM
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I'm looking to trade my
Mongoose satin finish in excellent condition + 2 RVS handles + full pack of blades
Handle with knurling is 66g - 100mm
Other handle is 91g – 100mm and is not slippery at all not even when wet.
Package will be send registered and signed for mail.

In return I'm looking for a Wolfman razor head. Either of the following will do:

WR1-OC - Open Comb (standard or with increased blade gap)
WR1-DC - Dual Comb (standard or with increased blade gap)

WR1-SB - Solid Bar (with increased blade gap)

[Image: PakJ6D3.jpg]

[Image: UUMGvR4.jpg]

[Image: jmvEWpR.jpg]

[Image: 9EBINde.jpg]

Thanks for looking, have a nice shave! Cheers, Ron

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