09-17-2015, 01:42 PM
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TRADED FOR A TUB OF PRORASO. I just bought this from The Golden Nib on ebay. Used it once and I would like to sell it or trade for a comparable professional boar. The dimensions are:  Knot 27mm, Loft 57mm, Handle 65mm, 122mm OA.
I thought it would be scratchy/scrubby and more like a boar but it is soft and like a synthetic.  It would make a good travel brush as it dries fast but I already have a EJ synthetic that I use for travel. Paid $13.95 and used once and cleaned with dish soap and vinegar. Sell for $10 conus or trade for Proraso green shave cream, Proraso green after shave, large boar brush or possibly a menthol shave soap.  TRADED FOR A TUB OF PRORASO

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