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For your consideration, 2 great brushes. Paypal for payment, pm for interest please. International OK with any extra shipping or tracking up to you.

First up is the vernerable 2012 SOC Special Edition. They had the black swirl rod stock left over from the 2011 LE's and made this gem of a brush. I sold my Caravela because I preferred this brush. I am the original owner, bought new from Leon @ Vintage Scent. $45 shipped. SOLD!
[Image: r1Fjf7y.jpg]
[Image: WgGFSHF.jpg][Image: VKsdsyx.jpg]

Next we have an Oscar11 M7 style in 2 band TGN bulb with extra stuffed hair. Has a subtle pearlescent swirl in the right light within the black. I think Rudy Vey had used this same stock for some of his brushes of which I can't remember what it was called. I may be getting this confused with the Simpson term Black Knight, but "knight" is in the terminology and I have only had a half cup of coffee. I am posting this off grid, so calipers aren't within reach, but I remember this being about a 26mm+ knot. I can always check when I get home if needed.
Oscar doesnt spin handles any more as far as I know. I have no memory of what I paid for this brush, so $50 shipped seems fair. SOLD....
[Image: NlGgu6j.jpg]
[Image: Cxh62HY.jpg][Image: YJJz75X.jpg]

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