06-28-2012, 12:17 AM
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For sale is a AOS Fine Badger Brush. It's got a very, very good backbone to it, and it lathers and holds water quite well for such a dense brush. You may need to use more product when lathering since it is so dense. Blooms nicely as you can see from the pics too.

Knot size: 24mm
Total Height: 100mm

I'll throw in a few of samples of shaving creams and preshave oils. I'll also throw in half a tube of Proraso eucalyptus and menthol shaving cream - new formula too

EDIT: $80 w/shipping and delivery conformation to CONUS and Canada. Payments via Pay Pal only.

[Image: rb9jqf.jpg][Image: 20gljiv.jpg][Image: bdnnlc.jpg][Image: 1zxxift.jpg][Image: 2jdhsb8.jpg]

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