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Greetings TSN,

For a while I did a lot of fragrance trades and splits, and have some lingering decant supplies I no longer need and hope someone might find useful. I am basically asking for the buyer to cover shipping costs so I am not interested in splitting the lot, trades, etc. What you see is what you get. Included in the lot is:

*10 10ml glass travel bottles with atomizer and aluminum covers. (Some of the best I have used.) Some are used, others new. As I recall I bought these on sale for $2 each from Mudassir, who was active on other forums several years ago.
*4 pipettes
*Variety of other vials and bottles
*Bonus: 10ml vial of Mysore Sandalwood essential oil and 15ml vial of Hinoki essential oil. So much for making my own fragrances.

SOLD Asking $6.50 shipped CONUS only. SOLD

Thanks for looking!

[Image: ac3b798b6fcd7b09c474356a9be25936.jpg]
[Image: a56c6dcc9d1c1636db9ee446810b40bb.jpg]
[Image: 9fad4eb6bd315a32c7b840087d5fce15.jpg]
[Image: bc62d865353e9362e6f00d9115bca517.jpg]

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