09-26-2015, 09:39 PM
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Yes, it's very expensive.
But quality cost.

And if you want one of the best handles in the business with a fusion cart on the top, the Plisson Palladium in solid brass ia definitely worth considering.

I don't have problems with the grip, it rests very solid in my hand during the shave.

The feel I get during shaving is that of confidence. You feel the heavy solid feeling chrome handle in your hands and you guide it around your face and you don't need to apply any kind of pressure. The weight of the razor will be all you need to get a great shave from this razor.

It really feels like a luxury item, when you hold it in your hands during the shave.
Definitely is one of my best Fusion shavers ever.
Can recommend it highly to the person who wants to own a quality handle for his Fusion cart and is fed up with the plastic Fusion handles.

[Image: oh3bobZ.jpg]

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 09-27-2015, 05:11 AM
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That is a beautiful handle indeed.  I'm considering getting the Mach 3 version.

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