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Hello Gentlemen,

A larger size brush for you today.  A wonderful bowl lathering brush because of the length of the handle though also quite usable for face lathering, because of the adequate density Simpson is known for.

This brush is labeled a Best but it really feels like a Super in disguise, without the excessive density that the Supers are known for.  Great flow through and the tips were described by the previous seller as being softer than a few Supers that he has tried.  I would concur.  Really a pleasure to use.  This must be one of the older Simpsons knots as evidenced by the labeling.  For me, the Polo 10 is the most comfortable and easiest to use handles that I have ever tried.  Quite likely my favorite handle shape. 

The dimensions as listed by Simpsons on the Polo 10, Best:

Polo 10
Total Height: 122 mm

Handle Height: 68 mm
Loft Height: 54 mm
Knot Diameter: 27 mm

A truly nice brush that I need to sell as I am making some other purchases I need the money for more.  As I got it for a great price, I would like to pass it on to someone else that will actually use it for the same price.
The selling price is $130 USD ***SOLD!***  shipped to North America, Europe might be a little bit extra.  No trades please.  Since I am shipping from Canada, if you would like tracking it would be $10 extra.

[Image: kDM1Gyc.jpg]

[Image: 3nua45u.jpg]
[Image: HgZt3nd.jpg]

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