11-15-2015, 09:39 AM
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(09-28-2015, 06:15 PM)garyg Wrote: I've gotten my fair share of free blades from the Bay .. most often in Injectors.  Actually got a cut from the first one when I grabbed the razor carelessly from the recycled newspaper packing in the pre-experienced bubble mailer it arrived in.   If I was going to die from it reckon it should have happened by new, that was in maybe 2009, and the previous owner may have been dead for 30 years.   Now I'm more careful, and don't do much fleabaying anymore.

Folks have different tolerances for used stuff - I've read posts from people who won't even consider a vintage razor because of cooties, let alone a brush or soap.  But I'll admit I can't figure out why ship an old crusty blade, unless the seller hasn't a clue about what they are peddling .. where sometimes one finds the best deals.

I'd not use rubbing alcohol on anything but a hard surface, partially melted the handle of a Schick that way once.  Strongest recommended for hair would be vinegar or maybe borax solution, very briefly.

I can see a blade being left in an injector, when new they come with a plastic blank installed. They should always have a blade installed so that they aren't damaged when loading a new blade. I just recieved a Gem Bullitt Tip Micromatic off Ebay that still had a rusty carbon blade installed. No big deal as I saw it in the pictures and knew what to expect. The seller didn't want to touch the blade, figured I was the expert since I wanted to buy it. Gold razor cleaned up nicely, rust stains came right off.


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 11-15-2015, 09:47 AM
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I treat every razor I recieve like it's loaded when I take it out of the box.


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 11-15-2015, 09:57 AM
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Treat a razor like a gun and figure it's always loaded.  That's how accidents happen.

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 02-16-2019, 04:55 PM
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You are not the only one ! I bought razors and they were used and guess what ? I got cut by them !

(09-28-2015, 05:01 PM)FreddieP318ti Wrote: Seriously, am I the only person that just wants to reach through the Internet and slap some people into reality? In my time wet Shaving I have received my fare share of old razors that I purchased on line that arrived loaded with a used razor.

Most of the offenders have been from eBay or antique dealers that have websites. There was one time that I received from another shaving forum. Today I received a nice fat boy that I purchased online from an antique dealer in my own state. It was advertised with plenty of pics and not a single one showed the blade. I have also purchased others advertised blade less but then arrive with one all crusty, funky, and still covered in old soap and gunk. Do people not realize the safety/potential bio hazard this is? Do they actually think a nasty old blade is on my want list? Did I ask them for someone's crusty used blade as the closing deal? NO!!! So why send it?!?!

In for one am not to freaked out over things and have posted how I don't mind a nice used soap or brush if done properly. But a blade is a whole other story. These I refuse to touch and will dispose of with tweezers or something of the like that then gets sanitized. It's more of a risk cutting yourself with something like that than anything. People seriously need to think! Common sense is so rare this day and age it's now a super power!

Thanks for letting me have my moment to rant. I feel better now lol.

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 02-16-2019, 07:41 PM
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just so you guys know, no pathogen can survive for very long on a piece of metal. 

pathogens can barely survive a week in this cruel world, if they lived for 40 50 75 years we wouldnt be here 

Hepatitis B can live 7 days in dried blood at room temp. HIV maybe 6 days in dried blood. Hep C 4 days. those viruses last the longest outside the body in dried blood. none last all that long in dried soap.

so throw away the blade. but before you do notice if it is a gillette blade. all gillette blades from every year of production have a date code on them and can give some evidence of how old your new vintage razor might be, or at least approximately the last time the razor was used.

so scrub away the gunk with a toothbrush and dish detergent. since i am sure that wont do it for some folks (maybe the last owner liked vintage blades in his vintage razor)            

so soak the head in alcohol if you need to, then in hydrogen peroxide to be sure, scrubbing bubbles on a toothbrush anyone, or just a deep dive in good old barbicide.

do whatever procedure you need to in order to feel comfortable with your vintage products.

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