09-29-2015, 11:16 AM
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I've spoken with Peter a bit off and on but have never gotten off my butt and bought one of his brushes. Of course we all know that he's now retired and I somehow feel that I've missed the boat. I have recently acquired one of his smaller brushes but I would like to pick up another. I know that he's not making them anymore, but these were relatively affordable brushes when he was selling them so though I'm willing to pay a fair price, I can't bring myself to go crazy and spend a ton on one.

I would like to find one of them in 20-24mm, 2-band or HMW, and in a material other than his regular ivory. I would love to find one in briar, marble, or black. I prefer the handle shapes that are not the "vase" styles like the 2221, 2211, etc. 

I would be open to buying or trading for if I have something you might like, just let me know!

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