10-06-2015, 03:24 PM
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I missed out on Roam. Willing to buy, but also have a few things I would trade:

Caties Bubbles Royal Garden (used 1x+small sample taken)
Caties Bubbles Royal Garden Toner (used 1x)
Bufflehead Mannish Boy (used 2x+small sample taken)
C&E Sienna in wooden bowl (used 1x, good formula)
B&M Adagio (used 3x)
B&M Rhapsody (used 5x)
B&M Latha Lavanda (used 2x)
B&M Latha Oceana (new)
Wholly Kaw Vetililac (95%)
MLS Kraken (used 3x)
LEA Classic refill (used 1x, tin included)
LEA Classic aftershave (used 1x)

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