10-13-2015, 03:35 AM
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As I soon need more space than my wife in the bath Wink, the following products have gone:

- Soap Commander Respect (new, unused)
- Jaboman Brisa de Oriente (new, unused)
- Cold River Soap Prado verde (new, unused)
- Figaro Crema di Barba (new, unused)

- Mühle Aloe Vera (3/4 full)
- Spanish Leather Geo F Trumper (used once)
- Palmolive Men Crema (used once)
- Nivea Creme (used once)
- Irisch Moos (new, unused)

- Mühle Aloe Vera (3/4 full)
- Original Tabac (used once)
- Figaro Aftershave (used once)
- Figaro Aftershave and Eau de Toilette (used once)

... in addition, I would still enclose a surprise Winky .

[Image: 8OQgaM0.jpg]

I need to sell them all together.
I fly next weekend in the States and it would then send them by post.

Price: USD 98.00
Shipping is includet in the price

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