10-13-2015, 01:05 PM
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Paypal is preferred right now. Please no trade offers.

Ikon Special Handle and Plisson Original Fan Shaped Synthetic are now both reduced $8. The iKon is now $38 shipped and the Plisson is now $38 shipped.

[Image: RedhwW2.jpg]

Soap Lot #1

Calani Earl Grey-Been used twice
Jabonman Brisa de Oriente-Been used 4 times
Meissner Dark Limes-Been used once
Razorock SMDF-Been used twice
TFS Zagara Gelsomino Preshave balm-Brand new

Included for the price of $70, there is a brand new Omega 49 Boar brush as well as a 50ml sample of Tcheon Fung Sing Lonicera Crema da Barba. This is a Italian Vegan soap enriched with Golden Jojoba Oil and scented with a sensitive skin friendly fragrance of honeysuckle.

[Image: 72kS73h.jpg][Image: ukh0gSU.jpg]

Soap Lot #2

XPEC Current Production Scented-Brand new
Calani Classic Havana-Been used once
Klar Kabinett-(quarter box or 1/2 a block in a tub)
Jabonman Violettas-Been used once

The lot of soap below is now discounted $12 and currently for sale at $93 and will be able to offer an added item free of charge. Included will be 2 Muhle Grey twist tubes in case you want to storage and travel with any of your brushes.

[Image: XbV53ca.jpg][Image: omBTXPC.jpg]

If you would like to buy more than two items, either a piece of hardware along with another software item, you get first dibs on the tub of some of the Original Tipo Morbido P160. Feel free to message me if you have any interest in combining more than one item.


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 10-13-2015, 01:06 PM
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IMGR is giving me some issues. I have a few more pics of lot 1 and plisson/ikon that I will reupload.

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 10-13-2015, 02:21 PM
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Everything is fine now. The sizing may be the issue from IMGR.

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