10-18-2015, 10:23 AM
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Using the loaner Wolfman has me set on its the one for me. I've been using it daily and it's perfect. Going to thin out my hardware and keep 5 or 6 that I truly enjoy and to just occasionally mix things up a bit. After I've gone through my collection to decide the keepers I will add more over the next or so. I also have some project razors& a couple of vintage brushes that I'm getting back into I'll be finishing up and posting as well.

Shipping is $3 CONUS only please. $5 if you want priority. Will combine shipping. Preference will go to multiple purchases or as a lot for ease of shipping. Not looking for trades. Thanks all for looking!

1952 Gillette black tip SS (X3). One of my first Gillette's and a darn fine shaver. Beautiful condition! $13 (SOLD) 

1965 Gillette Flare tip SS (K4). Another one of my first Gillette's and also a darn fine shaver. Also in  very condition. $13 (SOLD) 

GEM MMOC. Very nice condition. Used it a couple times but prefer my 1912. Kept for the sake of having a representative collection of SE's. $12 (SOLD) 

GEM Junior. Gold and in nice overall condition. Does have a couple spots. Comes with original box that has seen better days.  $9 (SOLD) 

[Image: 7zFjpEN.jpg]
[Image: xGhAQ94.jpg]
[Image: u9qCuqK.jpg]
[Image: CiOFygH.jpg]
[Image: TrXxnNK.jpg]
[Image: iinGi81.jpg]
[Image: Lbz1jeH.jpg]
[Image: TFABXUP.jpg]
[Image: Vt09dtl.jpg]
[Image: UAczSFf.jpg]
[Image: rZ9dkXP.jpg]
[Image: nNiay9c.jpg]
[Image: IL3539v.jpg]
[Image: mw5D7Y5.jpg]
[Image: RiVnY0P.jpg]
[Image: AQeRKVw.jpg]
[Image: lRqXOMZ.jpg]
[Image: eZsogqE.jpg]
[Image: BhY42uA.jpg]
[Image: NwISM4J.jpg]
[Image: x74v1iu.jpg]
[Image: 4mie375.jpg]

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 10-18-2015, 10:42 AM
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PM sent for 65 Flaretip


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 10-18-2015, 11:06 AM
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GEM'S and Flare tip sold. Black tip still available.

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 10-18-2015, 11:14 AM
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I'll take the black tip!

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 10-18-2015, 12:28 PM
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All items sold! Thanks buyer's and TSN! Please archive!

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