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So I recently picked up a M&F L7 with Cobalt handle in Blonde Badger in trade for a fountain pen on another site. I normally like larger sized brushes but had always wanted to try out a M&F brush (and wasnt disappointed). The problem is that its too small for me, I dont have any calipers but here are the measurements I was given for it ... 

Knot: 26mm (I think it looks like more 25mm or 24mm)

Bloom: 59mm

Loft: 51mm

Handle: 37x58mm

I wish this brush was larger (like a 2XL or something) and I would cherish it forever, but alas its not. I did find the brush very enjoyable in the 2 shaves I used it. It didnt shed a single hair and the tips have a wonderful feel to them a little scrubby but not harsh in anyway (kind of reminded me of the 2 band silvertip Shavemac I had but a little nicer). It has a pretty good backbone plenty good for face lathering but not as strong of a backbone as my Chubby 2 super (pictured for reference below but not for sale).

I'm looking to ether sell it so I can buy another brush or do a part cash (via PayPal) and trade for another brush. As for a trade I would like a 28mm brush (maybe a 30mm), I generally prefer fan or hybrid knots but might accept a bulb. I would prefer it to be a 2 band brush though would consider a 3 band with good backbone (cant be a floppy brush). Willing to consider brushes from Paladin, Shavemac, M&F, Thater, Simpson, Rooney, or maybe others. Looking at some of the Archived B/S/T posts for M&F L7s, I'm thinking $190 shipped CONUS is a fair price (+$5 if you want it insured). If your interested or have a trade send me a PM and we can work something out.


If you want other pictures let me know and I'll get them for you. It didnt come with the original box but I will package it safely for shipping.

[Image: 5bHo2jL.jpg]

[Image: 7puyCrf.jpg]

[Image: h65A0zO.jpg]

(M&F on the right)

[Image: yhjRzjZ.jpg]

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