10-20-2015, 08:45 PM
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I thought it was traded but I hesitated on an offer so here goes again. Tim's Lime Soap, NEW, never used, newer larger container, supposed to weight 4 oz but actually weighs 4.75 oz. Tim's is my top 3 favorite soaps but the lime scent is just not for me. I don't usually like lime or lemon scented products so not sure why I bought it. However, the lime is very true and very strong so lime lovers should be pleased. I have a bottle of lime essential oil that I use when mixing scents for my homemade soaps and it smells just like this soap.

I am only interested in trades and prefer a new shaving soap or maybe a cream. Trade of equal value or money on my end or other end to make trade equal. Also open to new aftershaves, especially Soap Commander or Stirling.

Picture below shows size difference from original container. 

[Image: hWyo53z.jpg]

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