10-24-2015, 11:21 PM
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I have too many razors. As a result, I have a few items that are not getting much love and would like to offer them to those who may use them regularly.  CONUS, no international shipping and no trades, please. Gillette Flare Tip L1, Schick Krona and Schick injector – all three in excellent shape.

Flare Tip, $15; Krona, $25; Injector, $15 – if you buy a single item, please, add $3 for shipping.
If you buy three items (much preferred) - $50, free shipping – and in this case I will add an additional item (a brand new Van der Hagen heavy-duty razor in the original packaging) for free. Several pictures are on top and below – they are taken by iPhone – the razors are much better looking in a reality.
[Image: Bv7N18T.jpg]

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