10-26-2015, 11:37 AM
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I haven't seen those around yet so I wanted to share some comparison pics of shave revolution 24mm synthetic brush and fine accouterments 20mm synthetic brush. I just got the brush in the mail about an hour ago Smile

I had the fine brush for the past four months (as my only brush) and I really enjoyed using it but I wanted something with a bigger handle. Originally I was looking at boar and badger brushes but I kept reading about how wiped dog and Stirling brushes are so great. I almost got one of them but I stumbled onto the evolution brush and the deal was hard to pass by. For the price of the brush you get the brush with a travel container and a shave revolution soap chosen at random. I received the Tobacco Vanille soap and it smells really good. What really made me choose this brush over WD or Stirling is the handle though, fits really well in my hand and as you can see is quite bigger than the fine. I face leather exclusively so it's going to be interesting how the bigger knot and handle work for me.

I haven't used the brush yet but it feels similar to the fine except for the size. I can't wait for tomorrows shave.


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