11-03-2015, 08:25 AM
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A few soaps that aren't getting much use lately so they should go. 

RazoRock P.160 - I only used this one once and it looks almost new with the original swirl from the factory still present.
RazoRock Cumba Cheech - at least 70% left
RazoRock Neroli - New - I never used this one.
Dr. Harris Arlington - This is a refill puck in a Wooden Bowl.  at least 70% left.  The bowl shows finish wear, I used the original soap and started the refill but don't use this much anymore.
Mama Bears Lemon Rose - More or less a generous sample size now.  Intended for travel but Sticks have taken it's place.
Mama Bears Siberian Fir Needle - More or less a generous sample size now.  Same as above.

How about $40 for the lot, shipped and paypalled in the USA.  If my price is off just send me a PM. 

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 11-07-2015, 09:51 AM
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Found the Aftershave Balm for the Cumba Cheech which I'll throw in the package.  90% + full on this one.  Everything, soaps, balm, shipping and paypal fees for $40.00[Image: TRDYtkW.jpg]

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