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My stuff from left to right... I always hate trying to guess how much is remaining in any of these tubs, as they're filled differently when new, etc.  but here's my best estimate and if anyone wants to see a picture of one or more with the lid opened, let me know and I'll be glad to do it 

[Image: Er3J1iT.jpg]

Catie's Bubbles La Rose du Mechant (Rose scent) 85% 

Petal Pusher Fancies Black Tea – 75 – 80% 

Le Pere Lucien (LPL) Rose de Pushkar – 85 – 90% 

RazoRock Zi Peppino (green tobacco) - 50% or a little less? 

How To Grow a Moustache Meta Nectar – 95% or more 

Taconic Bay Rum – approx. 50%? 

La Toja stick – 95% 

Razorock Tobacco #1 – 70% 

Razorock Tobacco #2 – 60% 

A Cal B – 50% 

Clubman Special Reserve aftershave – used one time 


I would like to trade for some of these (some of mine are of very different financial values, so feel free to put items together one way or another depending on value of my items and yours or we can add cash into the trades one way or the other, we'll see if we can make it fair). 

I'd like: 

Tabac talcum or Tabac aftershave balsam (balm) 

PAA Chocolate Bourbon aftershave or soap

Playboy VIP edt 

Kokorico edt 

White Proraso aftershave balm 

any brand "TWIN" injector blades 

Personna 74 injector blades 

Guerlain Vetiver 

White plastic (bakelite?) Gillette razor case 

STAR single edge razor with 4-14-14 patent date inside razor head 

T&H Rose cream 

Madame Scodioli products

Old Spice shave cream

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