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CRSW Fall Limited Edition Select (4 oz tin)

I know, this is near heretical to some…to me the fragrance is OK, I’m just not crazy about it. And I can’t bring myself to shave with soap that’s OK, when I can shave with soap I love.

I ordered this a couple of weeks ago. Brand new/untouched and would love to trade for new or very lightly used soap(s) of equivalent value ($16.50 MSRP; shipping on this was $3.75).

Please just PM me, if you have any of these you’d be interested in trading:

Strop Shoppe Special Edition
·      Date Night
·      Instinct
·      Black Tie
·      London Morning
Catie’s Bubbles
·      Un Jour Gris
·      La Vert Orange
·      Santal Sensuelle
Cold River Soap Work
·      Jardin D’Orange
·      Sandalwood
·      Bergamot and Bay
Mystic Water
·      Adirondack Jack
·      Marrakesh
·      Bergamot, Cedarwood and Juniper
·      Sandalwood

Thank you!

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