11-11-2015, 10:25 AM
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[Image: WFVV2DW.jpg]A single item FS today – Gillette Monotech L4, made in Brazil. This is a very, very rare item, especially in the US. According to the search function at TSN, there is a single reference to Monotech at the TSN site (sold by “Jordy” in 2013) relative to appr. 100 Fatboys sold/traded over the same time period.  The razor is in perfect, near-mint shape. I picked up this Monotech as NOS (but who knows) at an antique shop in Rio in 2009. Over the years, used a few times. In my experience, Monotech is similar to British Aristocrat Junior/Rocket and French Monoblock, and, similarly, Monotech is a great shaver. Because now I use my British Aristocrat 58 (mainly) and Schick injectors (infrequently), Monotech needs a better home. This razor deserves to be used instead of sitting in a rack. I suggest $85, shipped, CONUS. NOW $75. SOLD

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